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Top Divorce Lawyer, Mumbai Explains the Consequences of Bigamy by Women in India
When we talk about Bigamy, it basically refers to the act of going through a marriage ceremony while already being ... ...

Top Divorce Lawyer, Mumbai Explains the Consequences of Bigamy by Women in India

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Posted on: 09/19/18

When we talk about Bigamy, it basically refers to the act of going through a marriage ceremony while already being married to another person. This is not permitted in India.

According to a divorce specialist lawyer in Mumbai, the marriage laws in India are governed by the personal laws and different religion has different personal laws governing them. Even then, no religion allows bigamy by women in India. To get to married to other men, a woman has to take divorce from her first husband and only after that can she marry another.

The Indian law is very clear about the provisions regarding bigamy, which is not permitted. If a married woman wants to get married to another man, then she has to approach a good divorce lawyer in Mumbai before and after the consultation from a divorce lawyer in Mumbai, she can decide on opting for a mutual divorce or a contested divorce. Though the best divorce lawyer, Mumbai will always suggest preferring a mutual divorce in such case. Yet, if the wife wishes to stay with another man, then she can be accused of adultery and the husband can then file a divorce case on her.

According to the Indian Penal Code and Marriage laws, Bigamy is not acceptable. So if a woman marries another man during the lifetime of her husband, without taking a divorce from him, then she shall be imprisoned for maximum seven years and she will also have to pay a fine. Or if someone gets married to another man not revealing the truth regarding her existing marriage, then, in that case, she can be imprisoned for ten years with a fine. If you are stuck in such a case, itís advised that you consult one of the top divorce lawyer Mumbai who can help you in understanding the various laws and policies better.

To elaborate more on this, one of the most famous divorce lawyer in Malad Mumbai, also states that as per the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, if a woman marries another man in the lifetime of her present husband without taking a divorce, she shall be punished according to the Sec. 494 of the Indian Penal Code. Also, such marriage shall not be considered legal.

In case the wife is staying with another man, then the husbandís divorce lawyer can frame a case seeking divorce on the grounds of adultery. Similar provisions are applicable under the Special Marriage Act and Christian Marriage Act as well. Although, as per Muslim Law, even though polygamy is permitted to men but it prohibits women from doing so. Therefore, if a woman needs to get talaq from her husband, then to avoid any discomfort she can always approach a female divorce lawyer in Mumbai, who knows and understands the Muslim Marriage & Divorce laws well. However, after the divorce is granted, the woman cannot immediately remarry, as she is supposed to observe an iddat period and after that, she can get married to another man.

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